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<p>I&#39;m here to take your goals to the next level. But, I only take on a maximum of THREE premium clients at a time. As a premium client, you get hands-on, dedicated time each week. Once these slots are booked, there will be NO more available.</p>

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My clients honor me with high praise, and I honor them with high service. When I spend a day working with you, I send a Daily Update email. Every one of my Daily Update emails says this at the bottom, and I live by it:

As always, 5-star service is the only mission. Thank you for the business and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, or know of anything I could be doing better.

Ben made my project simple, clarified my problems, explained all the available options (and he could have handled any of them) and then went ahead and did a damn good job.

He seems to have a real drive to get it right, which in this 21st century 'now, now, now' world is rare.

Quite simply put, the man went above and beyond.

I'm only giving him 5 stars because I can't give him 6.

Hire him today, you won't go wrong.

rated by Shem B.

This guy is a breath of fresh air and worth every penny.

Spending one meeting with Ben, I was certain that he was the man to lead my project forward.

It seems he's capable of both recognizing and solving problems I hadn't even seen yet, and my problem was a tough one.

Simple, clear, effective. Very effective.

Looking forward to working with him again on more projects.

rated by Chris M.

Ben has been a fantastic asset to our project, going above and beyond in every way he is a developer who is both extremely good at what he does and who has great integrity in his work - he has a real desire to a produce a great result in his work. We count ourselves very fortunate to have Ben on our team.

rated by Brad H.

I value honesty above all else. You are a straight shooter. I love your straight forward approach life and programming.

The Bob Marley jacket and the SECURITY hat not only got my attention...they say Ben Allfree to me.

There is never any pretension on your part and your video communicated that message well.

Brad tells me over and over… "Ben always delivers good, clear thinking and logic in every line of code you have written for us."

Thanks for helping us transform our idea into a startup.

We believe 2017 will be a pivotal year for COI-Verify and we are very thankful to have you on the launch team.

We also look forward to growing together with you in the future.

Thanks again until you are better paid.

rated by Bob J.

About Ben

I specialize in helping founders, entrepreneurs, and early stage startups implement their core technology.

PO Box 871
Reno, NV 89504
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My dad knew what I was before I did. He bought me that first programming book when I was about 10 and said "Ben, you're on the other side. The side that makes great things." That was 29 years ago.

I am a tech entrepreneur like you, with the programming skills to make stuff work. I have experience with startups of all types, using every major language, platform, and operating system. I love working with small companies and micro-startups. Whether you need someone to strategize with you, program into the wee hours of the night, or just need someone to talk to, I really just have one goal in life: to help YOUR life get better, to help YOUR business grow. I turn your ideas into working software and make your business thrive.

My favorite thing is sitting down with you one on one about what keeps you awake at night. What is really bugging you? Let's solve it together. Maybe we'll cut costs, maybe we'll improve revenue, or maybe we will do both (yay!).

Let's talk about building your next web site or mobile app. Since I am a full stack / full service programmer too, I can design your vision and program it end-to-end: in the browser, on the phone, on the server, and in the cloud. Starting from your scribbles on a napkin at a bar (wouldn't that be a great start to the story?), I take it from there and provide thoughtful consideration about what is most valuable. Then I create it using frontend programming, backend programming, mobile programming, and infrastructure buildout. The lone wolf who brings years and depth of experience to your vision - that's me.

I don't have an hourly rate. If I can help you and add value to your cause, we will find a way to work together. I do all my own work and NEVER hire anyone else to do it for me.

I tell people that I am a thinking person. There is no "code ninja" here. Nor a "rock star", nor someone who "bangs out code". I am not a "Ruby guy" or a "PHP guy", or an "Agile guy" or a "Waterfall guy", though I know and work with all those things. I prefer to be known as your thinking, capable, competent virtual CTO consultant who sees the world in full color and adapts to your situation. Someone who sits down with you and talks plainly about your goals and helps you build a plan to reach them. If I am the right fit, I say so. If I am not the right person, I tell you that too. You will hear only my most authentic truth, and I will not take an engagement if I don't believe in it.

Building a technology business requires more than just programming skills. Knowing how customers react heavily influences your success. Knowing how to actually ship a software product instead of getting stuck in the weeds is important too. So as well as being your programmer, I am also your "get it done" guy.

It has been my privilege to work with top brands like Sony, Nestle, NBC, Polaroid, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, and Adobe. As well, I have worked with many promising startups and am honored to be an Upwork Gold Member, an Upwork All-Star, and Upwork Top Rated Freelancer, an Upwork Verified Web Developer, and an Upwork Verified Web Designer. I have over 2,500 hours clocked on Upwork, a 5-star rating, and am 100% recommended by over 60 clients. Thank you to Upwork and all my clients who helped make this happen for me, it is a HUGE honor.

Helping your business get to the next level is my full time occupation. I continually learn new ways and approaches to help you avoid costly mistakes and rework.

Let's talk nuts and bolts for a moment, just in case you're not convinced I know my tech :) What do I love right now? What should you be looking at to build your next project? Glad you asked! My clients and I love Laravel, Ruby on Rails (RoR), Ionic, FireBase, AWS, Django, AngularJS, Bootstrap, mobile hybrid apps, iOS, Android, PHP, Symfony, jQuery, JavaScript, HTML, mySQL, video, Facebook API, Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Ardruino, Twitter API, Single Page Applications (SPA), Auth0 (Hosted Identity Management), Composer, Bower, Node and NodeJS, grunt, SASS or SCSS, and much more!

Take a chance and do something different. Hire a top programmer and see what working with a skilled CTO can do for your business. And above all, move forward in each breath with love and peace. Scatter fears, and be the change you want to see.

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