$6,000 per 6 weeks

Great Value
Ideal for projects under $20,000

Equip yourself with everything you need to produce a stellar MVP and break into your market. You'll enjoy:

  • 6 full weeks of project oversight, technical leadership, and careful thought
  • Unlimited chat/email with team leads and founders (24hr turnaround, usually much quicker)
  • Daily checkins with developers and technical team
  • Weekly attentive 30 minute all-hands scrums
  • Weekly code-reviews, including reporting and recommendations
  • Weekly email update summarizing all activity, to-do's, and forward objectives
  • Emergency triage
  • Architectural recommendations
  • Team building, interviewing, vetting
  • Task assignment and review
  • Technical advice, strategy, and selection
  • Infrastructure buildout and management
  • Troubleshooting and technical assistance to developers
  • Available almost 24x7 on Skype, Slack, email, phone, and text


$3,000 per day

Great Power
Ideal for project budgets under $100,000

When you're not sure how many weeks of support you will need, or when you really want to get something done quickly and correctly the first time, idkfa is for you.

Get a hands-on dedicated day for any purpose you require.

  • Sun-up to sun-down
  • Completely focused on you
  • At your disposal any way you see fit
  • Focused programming sessions
  • Major feature development
  • Bug fixes and cosmetics
  • Project roadmapping, scoping, discovery
  • Interviews & hiring
  • Emergency triage

Bonus: Add $500 to receive 1 week of iddt support to go with it.


$30,000 per 12 weeks

Best Value
Ideal for project budgets over $100,000

Note: This is my premium service. I only accept up to three (3) of these at a time.

Make a 12 week commitment to your success and save almost 40%. You'll get:

  • 12 weeks of iddt (a $12k value)
  • 12 days (1 per week) of idkfa (a $36k value)
  • Priority option to add more idkfa days as needed

Like math?

(iddt x 2 blocks) + (idkfa x 12 days) - fabulous discount == iddqd

If you want solid execution and have high-value goals and a budget to match, iddqd is for you.

Payment, cancellation, and refunds

  • Services may be canceled at any time.
  • Fees paid are nonrefundable.
  • Payment are made in advance via eCheck or wire only (we use, a free service for bank-to-bank EFT transfers).